Audio for Bandit Point VR pre-alpha demo

Our friends at Mantisbite just recently released their pre-alpha demo of Bandit Point VR. It is an immersive action-rpg shooter with some really bad robots with guns and tricky puzzle solving. I had the pleasure of creating all the sound effects and music for this beautiful VR game, and oh boy, it was a blast!

It works with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. I think you will need Steam VR installed, at least with Oculus.

Download it for free, and let the guys know what you think! The feedback helps the guys to make the rest of the game the best it can be.

Soundtrack for Island Delta

Island Delta Title
Just submitted a bunch of tracks for Island Delta, an awesome action puzzler in development for iOS! This was really a great project, and I’m very excited to experience the whole game as soon as it ships. Mantisbite, the guys developing it, really know what they’re doing, and it’s been nothing but a pleasure for me to work for them this whole time.
On the game’s Facebook-page the developers describe it like this: “Island Delta is an action and puzzle game with a humorous retro-futuristic twist.” The inspiration for its soundtrack was very much in the spy movies of the 60’s, with some extra sci-fi spicing and an aim for certain wackiness. The score includes both looping gameplay cues and linear tracks for cinematics and cutscenes.
The game is going to be fun, I tell you. Not just the puzzles and gameplay, but also the story, dialogue and all the great characters. Follow the development blog and give the makers your support. The game will be ready soon!
The whole soundtrack will be available a while after the game is released, but for now, here are some SoundCloud samples for you to listen to.

Music and sound FX for iOS physics puzzle game Rowll

RowllThis cute brain teaser called Rowll came out in the beginning of March 2016. I made a small amount of loop-based background music and some sound effects for the game. A fun project done for just the kicks of it at spare time to help out a friend.

The game has pretty clever gameplay and controls, and loads of levels to play, with some bosses too. Not too many puzzle games have bosses, do they?

Check out some sample tracks on my SoundCloud.

Music for a mobile game called OutCatch!

OutCatch! on iPad

OutCatch! on iPad

OutCatch! is a free treasure hunting game that has been inspired by geocaching, adventure movies and a good old Finnish board game called Afrikan tähti, the Great Star of Africa. The developer is Planetboard, a company for whom the earth is a game board that we can play on.

I got a chance to create quite a bit of music and also some sound effects for the game, and really enjoyed the job. OutCatch! makes you go out and walk around to find treasures. The background music evolves as you get closer to them. The more treasures you find, the more you can set them up for your friends to find.

Download the game, try it out and let me know how you think it sounds.

OutCatch! iTunes preview page – go get the app and have happy hunting!