Play to better

In music

I just love music, and I’m not alone, that’s for sure. Playing music as listening to it is very enjoyable, of course. With the help of music you can relax or get pumped full of energy, whatever might your specific need be in any given situation. Playing and composing music gives me loads of energy.

A very important reason for me and so many of us to play music and whatever instruments is simply to be better at it. I really want to be the best player I can be, not just for myself, but in order to deliver my game music clients the best soundtracks possible.

Also, there seems to be a growing interest for the long forgotten beneficial aspects of playing music and singing for physical and mental human well-being, especially in certain ways that might differ quite a bit from the modern western way that we have been used to consume music by. This concern all the other sciences, arts, physical and natural phenomena that are related to music, and there are many of them. I’m very interested to combine these musical ideas with games.

In games

My motivation for making my own games is to try and see if gaming can really make a difference in peoples’ lives as something more than just entertainment and a means to get away from the often so stressful everyday life. Of course games can have a huge positive impact on our well-being already, but I’m interested to see if that can be taken even further.

I think games, just like any form of arts, have the power to help us grow and develop as human beings, give us ideas and motivation to do good for ourselves, others and the world. The side of pure fun in games is great, but there’s so much more to be explored and added to that. We, as creators and players of video games, can keep getting ever better, in so many meanings of the word “better”.

From the business perspective these thoughts may sound idealistic and even naive to many, and no wonder, as the global competition for players being as tough as it is today. However, the developers and companies in the industry all have the power to think beyond making a profit, doing good and having an actual positive impact on our world and future, while making the business still work, if they just decide to. There is definitely the room for it in the market, and some good examples are already out there. I think it’s a great time to be alive making games, after all.