A look at the design of Spin Squad

Please, enjoy a small introduction to the design of “Spin Squad, the tilt-controlled endless dungeon roller for Android devices”. Feel free to leave us comments and questions, follow us on Facebook, and share this with your friends! .

A word on the graphics: simple

When it’s your first game, you want to start simple. And since it’s a mobile game with some fast paced action relying on physics calculations, “simple” is indeed the magic word for designing the graphics. So far the low polygon count and fairly minimal details everywhere have been keeping the game’s frame rate up quite nicely. You’d think that the visual style would suffer from this kind of optimization, but it’s actually coming together quite nicely. And simply put, less polygons and pixels is always less work for the artist!

Introducing the characters

Here are our three playable characters waiting for their turn in the character selection scene. They won’t be staying in their “t”s and other neutral poses for too long, since the animation process is going to start soon.

The characters all have different skills, so you have a good variety of play styles to pick from. Once we get to that point in development, you can even get new skills and upgrade them all to spin these guys even further down the tracks. We have some character designs in store, too, and not all of them are guys. Of course you need to have some of that girl power.

About the levels and gameplay design

The levels, or tracks, more descriptively, are created from a bunch of ready-made pieces. The pieces and enemies get trickier as you spin through the dungeons: the curves get tighter, the path narrows down and the floor kinda suddenly might not be there anymore.. The little cranky horn headed guys will number up to stop you, and hooded mages will build magical barriers to slow you down. But there is also more loot waiting for you in the distance. The chests get bigger and more plenty, and the coin in them is yours if you just get them open somehow.

A screenshot from the first playable level, Dungeon. The UI icons in the top will be replaced soon. And maybe we could get rid of those “Photoshop clouds” as dust particles..

Once you run out of speed and power, not being able to spin or run any further, you see your results for that run. The results will use a bonus system, that gives you extra coin for being clever and persistent in ways that we will let you figure out by yourself.

There are a few decisions to make about saving the player’s progression. Couple of systems are there ready for use, but we just need to pick the one. There could be a chance to maybe even earn something by doing it right, but that’s something for a later post.